Pearl Alga™: purifying, soothing and "poreminimizer"

Pearl Alga™ comes from an organic brown seaweed that grows in Brittany, from millions of micro-pearls: Sargassum muticum.
This alga has the ability to protect itself from the attack of unwanted organisms (a phenomenon called “biofouling”) thanks to its unique composition in marine phlorotannins and polyols. Inspired by this defense system, Pearl Alga™ was developed to protect sensitive skin and act as a powerful ultra-soothing "poreminimizer".

Over the years and with exposure to sunlight, the connective tissue loses tone causing an increase in the size of the pores which facilitates the penetration of pollutants and irritants and a consequent overproduction of sebum.
As confirmed by in vivo and in vitro studies, Pearl Alga™ refines the skin texture, reduces the size and number of pores, the production of sebum and the oily appearance.

In fact, it has a triple action:

• Astringent (thanks to the presence of phlorotannins) - confirmed by in vivo studies

• Anti-pollution (reduces the production of malondialdehyde induced by exposure to pollutants by 47%)

• Soothing (reduces the production of the pro-inflammatory cytokine IL1a by 58% following exposure to SDS irritant)

Application examples

Thanks to its soothing, purifying and astringent properties, Pearl Alga™ is used in the skincare field for the use of delicate tonics, make-up removers, purifying masks, anti-pollution sprays and products intended for the treatment of impure skin and acneic manifestations caused by the mask (Maskne) In the make-up field, it can be used in mattifying and astringent primers, foundation, BB, DD and CC cream.

Pearl Alga™ in a nutshell:

• Vegetable ingredient of marine origin-organic: Sargassum muticum brown seaweed - Origin: Brittany (France)

• INCI: Propanediol - Aqua - Sargassum muticum

• Propandiol: vegetable origin

• COSMO - NOI: 1

• China compliant

• Vegan and Halal compliant

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