ODYCEA - Transform the intelligence of nature into beauty for your skin

ODYCEA is a company located on the wild coast of northern Brittany, specializing in the research and production of bioactive substances of marine, vegetable and mineral origin.
The source of inspiration is the NATURE ODYSSEY, a journey started from the sea over 1.5 billion years ago that led plants, algae and phytoplankton to explore the most extreme ecosystems.
And it is precisely where the force of the wind, the violence of the waves, the alternation of the tides or the hot heat of the sun are unleashed that the vegetable world shows its ENGINE more

ODYCEA research decodes these complex adaptive strategies and identifies the arsenal of bio-active substances that THE INTELLIGENCE OF NATURE has developed to react to the challenges of the most extreme environments.

Thanks to the collaboration with advanced laboratories in the field of biotechnological research, ODYCEA selects and tests the most precious active ingredients for skin metabolism.
The result is a precious collection of unique substances.

Respect for nature and the life cycle of each species, the use of sustainable harvesting methods, the support of local supply chains and the complete traceability of the ingredients, have allowed us to develop a portfolio of active ingredients that perfectly meets the requirements of the following standards

  • Cosmos / Ecocert
  • China Compliant
  • Marine BambooTM Green Award
  • French origin
  • Sustainable
  • High Natural Index
  • RSPO MB Grade
  • Vegan
  • GMO free
  • Nagoya
  • Kosher & Halal

Relive in our video the wonderful ODYSSEY OF NATURE and discover the precious collection of active ingredients.