Meadowfoam Seed Oil XPR in natural formulations

Meadowfoam Seed Oil (MSO) XPR is a fast-absorbing, natural oil with a luxurious and silky skin feel. Although the meadowfoam blooms have an inebriating vanilla-y, marshmallow-y scent, the oil itself is odorless and light colored. MSO XPR can be used in a wide variety of formulations for face, hair, body and lips as a substantive emollient that is rich without being heavy.  

The oil extracted from Meadowfoam seeds is composed of over 98% of fatty acids with a chain of 20-22 carbon atoms naturally containing tocopherol. This differentiates it from all other oils traditionally used in cosmetics and gives Meadowfoam Seed Oil XPR exceptional oxidation stability even when subjected to prolonged heating and high temperatures.

It boast twice the oxidative stability of Jojoba and 8 times that of avocado oil or argan oil. In addition, within a formulation, MSO can extend the shelf life of other natural oils by up to 250%.

  • Odorless & light-colored
  • Superior stability
  • Luxurious skin feel
  • 100% natural
  • Vegan
  • Non-GMO derived
  • bee-friendly

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