IMERCARE® PERLITE - Gentle mineral exfoliation

Imercare® Perlite is a volcanic rock formed millions of years ago by the encounter between the lava and the sea of Turkey.
This particular encounter generated a volcanic rock containing a high percentage of water.

When heated to very high temperatures, the water trapped in the structure is released causing a sudden expansion of the material and giving rise to a white powder with a spherical structure.

The result is Imercare® P-Scrub Perlite, a mineral exfoliating agent that combines the hardness of volcanic stone with the delicacy of spherical particles.

Thanks to the availability in different grain sizes, it is also possible to modulate the exfoliating effect and create products suitable for the needs of the different areas of the body.

For more information see the link Imercare® P-Scrub and ImerScrub