Polyglutamic acid is an ingredient become clearly trendy in recent months: thanks, in fact, to the choice of numerous brands that have made it a key component of their formulations, the exceptional moisturizing properties of polyglutamic acid are now known to many insiders. A remarkable achievement if we consider the undisputed role that Hyaluronic Acid has always played within the category of moisturizers.

But what exactly is Polyglutamic Acid and where does it come from?

In nature we find this polymer of glutamic acid in jellyfish which, thanks to it, are able to effectively counter the osmotic pressure to which they are subjected, and in Natto, "super food" typical of Japanese cuisine obtained from the fermentation of soy beans.

And it is precisely through fermentation of Natto Bacillus, a non-GMO probiotic, that HYAFACTOR PGA-SHM is obtained: sodium salt of polyglutamic acid with high molecular weight, an excellent moisturizing and pro-hydration factor.
Why can we say that it is a PRO-hydration factor?

  • Because it strengthens the skin barrier FROM INSIDE by promoting the synthesis of the main components of the horny envelope (CORNIFIED ENVELOPE) [in vitro test: increase in Loricrin, Filaggrin (+ 56%), Involucrin and Translutaminase]
  • Because it promotes the ENDOGENE generation of the natural hydration factor (NMF) capable of retaining water within the stratum corneum [in vitro tests show an increase in two main components of the NMF: PCA (+ 84%) and UCA (+42 %)]

Why is it an excellent moisturizer and why choose HYAFACTOR PGA-SHM?

In addition to acting from within, reinforcing the barrier function and promoting the generation of NMF, HYAFACTOR PGA-SHM has a molecular weight greater than 2 MILLION DALTON which makes it an EXCELLENT FILMOGEN with a silky skin feel.
This dual protective and endogenous action results in a significant increase in hydration (+ 10% after 1h - in vivo test with 0.5% of H.PGA-SHM) and in a marked reduction in TEWL (- 15% after 1h - in vivo test with 0.5% of H.PGA-SHM).
In addition, improvement of skin elasticity and reduction of roughness have been demonstrated through a double-blind in vivo test with a lotion containing only 0.1% of HYAFACTOR PGA-SHM.