Total biodegradability and natural origin are qualities appreciated by an increasing number of customers.

Formulators are left with the problem of combining gentleness with effective cleansing activity.

Lamberti, distributed by LEHVOSS Italia, has developed surfactants from renewable sources, which meet all these requirements.

EUCAROL® Alkyl Gluco Esters (AGE) are mild anionic surfactants, obtained by esterification of coconut polyglucose with alpha hydroxy acids.

EUCAROL® AGE/ET MB and EUCAROL® AGE/EC MB are easily biodegradable and comply with Cosmos and Natrue cosmetic standards.

EUCAROL® AGE C50 MB is made entirely from renewable raw materials and is in compliance with Cosmos standards. It represents the evolution of the classic product, in concentrated version, developed on the basis of a modern vision, attentive to water saving: the anionic surfactant is in fact diluted in propylene glycol from a renewable source. The limited water content makes EUCAROL® AGE C50 MB suitable for the new formulation trends aimed at limiting the use of water in cosmetic applications.

EUCAROL® AGE are RSPO Mass Balance certified products.

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