ESAFLOR® HDR - Thickener agent for hydroalcoholic solutions

In this emergency situation, handwashing gels with a cleansing and sanitizing function have become the new priority for the formulator. Often the greatest challenge for this type of formulations are thickeners: few, in fact, are stable in the presence of alcohol concentrations higher than 70% and their availability on the market is increasingly difficult due to the incessant increase in demand .

ESAFLOR® HDR, Hydroxypropyl Guar, thickener agent of Lamberti range, is a valid option for the production of handwash gel. It is important to underline that not all products having INCI Hydroxypropryl Guar have the same characteristics in terms of viscosity and stability in presence alcohol: in some cases, in fact, a maximum of 30% of ethanol is reached while ESAFLOR® HDR is able to viscoise solutions containing more than 70% of alcohol.

Advantages for formulator
• Stable in hydroalcoholic solutions containing alcohol percentages up to 80%
• Soluble in water at room temperature, under stirring
• Soluble in polar solvents such as glycerin and glycols

Advantages for user 
• Naturally derived film-forming agent
• Silky skin feel
• Dermo-compatible, it helps to reduce the dehydrating effect caused by alcohol and the repeated use of aggressive cleaning products

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