DUB ESTOLINE® - the wrapping and protective cosmetic 'honey'

DUB ESTOLINE® (INCI: Ethylhexyl polyhydroxystearate), produced by Stéarinerie Dubois distributed by LEHVOSS Italia, is a polymer ester, palm oil free, derived from castor oil through a patented process based on green chemistry.

Thanks to the high intrinsic viscosity and the golden color, it appears to the touch and sight like a honey with a soft and wrapping texture.

It is a highly structured emollient liquid whose particular "comb" structure makes it an excellent film-forming agent and determines its remarkable cosmetic and sensorial properties.

Envelopping and protective cocoon-like texture 

     It wraps the skin with a light veil giving comfort and softness in application.
     Creates a breathable barrier acting as an invisible shield protecting the skin from pollution and other environmental factors responsible for premature aging.


     TEWL reduction, increase in water resistance and anti-pollution action (tests available).


     Thanks to its film-forming properties and resistance to heat and oxidation, it is used in various types of cosmetic products.

Homogeneous application of sun filters on the skin
Better water resistance

Anti-frizz effect
Reduction of static electricity
Greater volume control and easy styling

Reduction of transepidermal water loss
Enveloping and comfortable texture, second skin effect
Anti-pollution action

Perfect dispersion of pigments
More intense colors
Better color retention
Better sensoriality in dry powders
Gloss effect

 DUB ESTOLINE® in a Nutshell

  • Cosmetic honey, "cocoon-like" with a rich and wrapping texture
  • Comfort and softness in application; smoothing and satin effect on the skin
  • Patented process based on green chemistry
  • Carbon content from renewable sources> 80% (US: 0.87)
  • 100% Biodegradable (OECD 301F)
  • Palm oil free, derived from castor oil
  • Resistant to heat and oxidation

Further information at the link DUB ESTOLINE® - brochure