Biomoist TM Hyaluronic Acid - Specific Hyaluronic Acid for Oral Care

At the level of the oral cavity, Hyaluronic Acid is present in the gingival and periodontal tissues. In the dental field it is used to treat gingivitis and periodontitis, but also to improve the healing of ulcers and wounds and to reduce the discomfort associated with the sensation of dry mouth, better known as xerostomia.
Obtained by bio-fermentation, COSMOS and biodegradable, BiomoistTM has been specially developed and tested for use in the oral cavity,

It is in fact constituted by the synergic association of three different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid which allow both to coat and to penetrate the gingival tissues exerting a triple action: moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and reparative.
Oral Care Benefits:

  • Hydration: lubrication, increased salivation and relieving the sensation of xerostomia - in vivo tests
  • Reduction of inflammation - in vitro test conducted on human gum cells (HGF-1)
  • Restorative action: proliferation of gingival cells and repair of damaged tissue - in vitro test conducted on human gingival cells (HGF-1)

Further information at the link BiomoistTM: New Generation Active Ingredient for Oral Hygiene